While Texas is generally relatively lax on marriage laws, it falls in line with the other fifty states on this matter. No laws dictate how many times you can get married in Texas.

However, while getting married, whether it is for the first time or the hundredth, there are some things you want to keep in mind before proceeding.

What is the Legal Limit of People You Can Marry in Texas?

If you have never married previously, are divorced, or are a widow, feel free to marry and remarry as often as you wish in Texas. So long as there is proof that both parties agree to be married and are unmarried at the time of the new marriage, the union will be legal so far as the number of married people is concerned.

However, the State of Texas does dictate that no marriage would be legal if one or both parties were already actively married. In this matter, there is a legal limit to how many people you can marry in Texas. You may only be legally married to one person at a time in Texas.

What Circumstances Would Delegitimize a Marriage?

There are several instances, outside of either party having already been married, that would render a marriage annulled or illegal:

  • One person is under 18 years old and does not have proof of a court-ordered document that removes their “disabilities of minority of the party for general purposes” status.
  • If the two were proven to have been related.
  • If it is proven that one of the spouses had not consented to the marriage.

How is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Texas?

Common-law marriages, also known as “informal marriages” in Texas, are considered legal if certain requirements are met:

  1. Both parties agree to be married
  2. Both parties agree to live as a married couple in Texas
  3. Both parties agree to identify themselves to other people as a married couple in Texas
  4. Both parties sign a Declaration of Informal Marriage and file it with their local court clerk

Why Do I Need to See a Family Law Attorney Before Getting Married in Texas?

While it is much more commonly associated with those seeking a divorce, soon-to-be-married couples should seek out the help of a family law attorney. A family law attorney’s guidance can be crucial in planning for important things like pre-nuptial agreements, estate planning, and other vital parts of planning a long and successful legal relationship.

Remember that marriage is a lawful contract, and you would never agree to a business contract without discussing the terms with a lawyer. Why would a social contract be any different?

Before you state your vows, consult with an experienced attorney by calling 817-285-2855. We’ll help you ensure your and your spouse’s new forever.