Regardless of how they entered the family’s life, a child can be a blessing for the family unit. Providing a caring, loving home to a child who doesn’t have one through adoption is one of the most rewarding occasions a family can experience.

However, adoption is not a process without expenses. How much does it cost for a family to go through the adoption process in Texas?

What’s the Difference Between a State Adoption and a Private Adoption in Texas?

Foster-to-adopt programs, known as State Adoption, are the most cost-efficient ways to adopt a child in Texas. In this scenario, the family will only be responsible for court fees relating to licenses that would need to be obtained.

Another option to adopt in Texas is private adoption. In a private adoption scenario, the adoptive parents may bring a child into the family whenever they wish. This process includes meeting with the birth family, if applicable, and dealing with an agency that arranges the adoption and associated legal documents. In these scenarios, it is not uncommon for the adoptive parents to be $20,000+ out-of-pocket.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Adoption in Texas?

In addition to whether or not the adoption is a private or foster-to-adopt affair, other factors add to the cost of adoption.

An infant can cost the adoptive parent between $40,000-$45,000, with complications adding to that amount further. Adopting an older child costs the price of the paperwork and other service fees, typically totaling hundreds of dollars for the adoptive parents. Adopting an older child also comes with reimbursement options from the Department of Family and Protective Services, up to $1,500.

International adoptions, however, often range between $25,000-$50,000, depending on the laws and regulations of the child’s home country.

Does Adoption Fee Assistance Exist in Texas?

Financial assistance is available for many adoptive parents through state-run programs for state adoptions. For instance, the Department of Family and Protective Services offers up to $1,500 for adopting older children.

Your employer may also offer financial assistance for adoptions as part of your benefits package. In addition, non-profit organizations and even adoption agencies provide financial assistance programs and grants to ease the expenses of adopting. Speak with a Texas adoption lawyer to determine your eligibility for such programs.

How Can a Texas Child Custody Lawyer Help in Adoption?

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